THLX Congress General Rules & Code of Conduct

The Hague Latin Xperience aims to provide the best dance experience to all attendees, which includes participants, artists, taxi dancers and THLX/Venue staff. To ensure this, we have setup rules and codes of conduct which all participants are expected to respect.

  1. All participants are requested to strictly follow the rules of the venue at all times.
  2. Only dance shoes or soft sole sneakers are allowed at the venue during Workshops, Socials and Parties.

  3. During party time in the evening, all participants are required to use the Wardrobe to store jacket/coats and larger bag items at cost. Only small bag items of max 30cm x 30cm are allowed (e.g. shoe bag).

  4. The Organizer is not responsible for any lost items left unsecured at the venue.
  5. During party time in the evening, security will be entitled to check your bags if asked (no drinks or food are allowed).
  6. Once purchased, the tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  7. All participants MUST wear the congress wrist band AT ALL TIMES. Failing to wear your wrist band may disallow you to enter the congress venue by the organizers/security.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entries which are not in the best interests of the congress.
  9. Smoking is not allowed inside the congress venue (unless in the designated area).
  10. Any violent action will be reported to hotel security which can result in contacting the local authorities.
  11. Any resolution to conflicts among congress participants will be decided upon by the Organizers at their discretion. Organizers will act in line with the spirit of THLX.
  12. Attendees causing damage to THLX and/or venue properties will be subject to reimbursement based on the Dutch Law.
  13. All participants are expected to enlist in workshops which are in line with their dance experience/level as set forth in the “Dance Levels Explained” section.
  14. Participants are expected to have taken notice of the “Dance Levels Explained” section.
  15. Based on Organizer/teacher valuation participants can be requested to leave a workshop if not capable to follow the designated workshop dance levels.
  16. To ensure all the attendees enjoy high quality, not overcrowded workshops, the Organizers reserve the right to restrict the number of participants per workshop.
  17. Even though THLX Organizers take necessary measures they are not responsible for “artists no show” situations. There will be no reimbursement for tickets due to “artist no-show”.
  18. There at no Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) available at the venue. Payments can be made in cash of by debit card. (no Credit Cards).
  19. Food & Beverages can be purchased using special coins which can be bought at the Crowne Plaza reception desk.
  20. Any further inquiry can be send by email to